Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Progress or NOT to progress?

Quite some time has gone by since last update to my website. This blog is not for sharing my life, so I won't get into the reasons for not having done anything over the last couple of years. Lots of ideas, little time to implement should suffice.

What's coming is quite a change though. I will split my efforts into separate sites, mostly for clarity. ElusiveFoto was a name of a Photo Club that WE (Jasiek W. Witkowski, Darek P.Jankowski, Piotrek Brzezinski and myself) had chosen (using a little numbers game and a dictionary) back in the old days of 1980's. We loved the name, we had some fun, but then we all parted ways. When I registered the domain it was with intent to resurrect the Club. It has not happened yet, but I sure hope it will. So I made the decision to put the domain on hold, with only some images for photography's sake. It will probably have a forum with one major section for WEB SITE reviews (and inquiries for opinions) as this is somewhat lacking on the web. I mean you go to different forums and you find these kind of posts, but they seem to be more of a distraction then an integral part of such.

The plan is to transfer the technical manuals (and more) to my other domain FotoFlack.com.

My personal web site with gallery of images and some thoughts on what I do (blog?) will go to wjgrabiec.com.

Last but not least, I'm outlining a different project which will likely end up under TrueAperture.com. This will take time and it won't leave the drawing board until it starts to make sens. My wish is to have it dedicated to history of photographic processes and photographers who have contributed to the medium in one way or another. I'm hoping to create a contributing community of interested, who would be willing to share their views on the medium and how it evolved over time. For starters it will have a Fred Picker section along with his Newsletters. The passing of Mr. Picker few years back took away a businessman/photographer (not necessarily in that order), who has helped resolve many technical issues for many aspiring (and not) photographers. Even though I have never met him in person, I regret I did not find time to participate in his workshops in Vermont.

I'm currently looking for a platform that would allow for an easy on-line contribution. It might end up being a hybrid of several platforms. I don't know yet. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

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