Wednesday, October 13, 2004

from article - Introduction to Photography

Photography combines theory, practice and vision. Vision spells talent, practice - hard work, and theory seals it all together. I believe each component is important, but their distribution in our learning process is even more so.

On theory side, we can go as far as we wish and delve into very complex facts of optics and sensitometry. This however, can quickly wear us down so as to loose interest altogether. There is little point in spending much time on photographic theories, especially in the beginning. We must interupt it with practical excercises.

Practice makes perfect. Knowing equipment we use is very important. The more time we spend on setting up our gear for a shoot and think about its controls, the less we can devote to actually visualizing the scene. Lack of equipment knowledge often leads to interuptions in our thinking process, frustration may set in, and end result may not meet our expectations. So the key is to play with camera controls at leisure, especially so with modern smaller format gear that comes with so many extras that manual is frequently needed. We need to reach a certain level of comfort with whatever it is, we intend to photograph with. Get familiar with film loading process so you won't second guess it at the least opportune time. Equipment operation shuold become a second nature, which will allow you to enjoy practicing of the photographic process that much more. Suddenly you'll find yourself just walking around and contemplating your surroundings at ease. Interesting subjects will seemingly fall into place on their own. Results will keep on improving and the phrase "joy of photography" will have finaly become justified.

from article - On Focus in Photography

How does CoC affect focus considerations?

There is only ONE plane of exact focus. Anything outside of this plane is rendered soft. The further away from focus plane, the softer the detail. Why so?

A point photographed at plane of focus will be represented as point on the film, to be exact light rays will re-converge, after passing through the lens, at the film plane, requirement for sharp rendering.

Now let’s look at a point that is away from the plane of focus.

If it is behind it, its image forming light rays will re-converge before the film plane, so will have to travel a bit more before they reach the film. This will result in a circle rather then a point. It’s size will depend on how much before the film plane rays convergence occurred.

If our point is before it, the rays will re-converge behind the film plane. So they will first travel through the film, before convergence takes place. This will also result in a circle rather then a point on the film. And again, the size of this circle will depend on the distance between film and the rays-convergence point behind it.

In either of the latter two cases, the rendering of the circle will result in a soft looking point as recorded on the film. It is the size of this circle we’re concerned about. Our calculations will use earlier assumptions, mostly based on critical lab measurements, as a starting point.
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Word of caution

My latest post may be construed as misrepresentation of my intents. Due to recent upgrade to the site design, technical and link sections are off-line for the time being. Will post an update here once all of it is back on line. Thanks.

Sunday, October 10, 2004 - what's there ?

If you happened to stumble upon this blog prior to seeing my actual site, here is a short list of what you will find there:
- my photographs, certainly, which may or may not represent my current way of seeing things through a camera lens
- articles on all aspects of photography, technical, critique, practice etc.
- equipment manuals in an on-line format (and eventually in a downloadable .pdf versions as well)
- lens specifications, mostly large format stuff but other quality lines of all sizes as well
- charts and tables of all sorts (i.e. DOF tables)
- links to many quality relevant sites with shorter (or longer) descriptions of their content

This blog would be the place to post your comments on content and form of delivery. It's really the only way I can make it better. Thanks to all in advance....wjg