Wednesday, January 02, 2008

An open air museum in Southern Poland

One of the photographs from my trip to a Skansen (an open air museum) in Sanok, Poland. This place is large and you could easily spend a week shooting and ... shooting. Here is a link to their official web site. Too bad it's in Polish only and the gallery of the very few images does not do justice to what's accessible. I will be posting a small gallery from that trip and it should give a better picture of what one can expect.

To keep with the subject matter, there is also another skansen about 2.5 hrs away from this one. It's located in Kolbuszowa and here is a link to the official museum's map and a photo gallery (scroll down to see some images). Also check out this gallery, all from skansen in Kolbuszowa.

If anyone needs help or pointers to zoom in on the area for trip planning, drop me an e-line and I'll do my best to help (although my response may not be immediate).

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