Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Forum announcement

I have set up a discussion board that currently consists only of sections related to photographer's web site building/evaluation/review.

Perhaps there is something of similar focus, but I can't find any. Many most popular photography forums have threads that deal with this subject in depth. However, in most cases it is buried deep and searches don't always bring everything up. In addition, this is going to be a platform that will serve me as sort of a notepad, with links of places where the most interesting resources for building a web site of such kind can be found.

There is also a place to submit links to "best and worst" sites, which in itself is a great resource, for better or worse. Same goes for printed material and on-line tutorials.

Building a website, and specifically a photographer's site, involves a need to undertake certain measures not usually associated with such. While an attractive site for any sector will have a better chance for repeat visitors, a photographer's site needs to go beyond that. This is assuming, that one desires a design that will complement his images, will allow for efficient and fast navigation, yet remain uncluttered (or at least that's how I feel about a GOOD photographer's web site).

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