Saturday, January 05, 2008

Embeding Picasa based gallery in your website

Here I go again, bragging about Google's Picasa features. It must feel like I'm making money from promoting it. Anyhow ...
Having used Picasa2 for a little bit now (and creating my Picasa Web Album in the process), I must say I'm more and more impressed with how well Google thought this whole thing out. It isn't perfect, mind you, but for the cost of NOTHING it's impressive.

Here I'd like to mention the process of displaying images from your Picasa Web Album on your own web site (or blog etc.). Process takes just minutes, within a few clicks you will have your HTML code ready to copy into your web page. Then it's just a matter of pasting it in the right spot (which would be any of your choice on the web page) and sending the new page to the hosting server. DONE.

Check this out, all it took was 5 minutes (that long, because I forgot to save the links in proper configuration and it did not work at first).

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